Cigarettes Story

#lin20160310#When I am young, we cigarettes online often see adults smoke, who are older than us to smoke for skulkingly, and they are sad every day, as if it is thinking about the future of the motherland, but may be his thought, why the girl did not respond to me, or about why the summer holiday is coming to the end. I always remember the day when I smoke Marlboro cigarettes first time. I can not wait to put the whole lung from chest cough out, then face the is the brain of syncope, retching pain. I was feel disappointed for the first time smoking. It is said that smoking will make someone drunk, the kind of drunk drunk than the much more difficult, I was conquered by Marlboro cigarettes for the first time, and all that day I maintained a feeling of want to die.Later accompanied by the throat and lungs of smoke in the increased, whole body quickly adapted to the drug, I began to like adults swallow tobacco spit fog, I don��t know the reasons why I smoking, I only know that most people smoke then I need to smoke too. But the process did not last for a long time, I began to psychologically to resist cigarette, only in the physical living is very tired, late into the night to work overtime, thinking plan, vexed worry when smoking, the cigarettes I bought are reduced slowly, which most are pumping to the others.This stage cigarette for me is a tool to promote thinking, they is also a kind of drug paralyzes when marlboro cigarettes the body is tired. Cigarette is a kind of tool to ease the tension, irritability, narcotics and is accosted communication tools. The most terrible thing is to have a period of time, after I drink, I would have died of smoking, to keep the whole body in a state of extreme newport cigarettes anesthesia. Not long after, I heard that drinking and smoking behavior is extremely hurt the behavior of the body, so I will soon get rid of this habit.Overall, I��m not addicted to smoking too much. When I saw the Ten Habits of healthy life, I found that I didn��t smoking Marlboro cigarettes any more. So I decided to start reducing the number of smokers. Marlboro Gold Cigarettes Once I can not smoke a cigarette for three or four months, I can work overtime for one night, smoke a pack of cigarettes, but then I do not smoke and insist on keeping quit smoking. Overall, this is my history of smoking and the feeling of smoking Marlboro cigarettes.

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Love is not a lonely Marlboro cigarette

Love is not a lonely Marlboro cigarette Love is a very lonely thing, like Marlboro cigarettes of the fingers, but just a moment.Come of it, in a corner is unknown.Wait a finger dianqi Marlboro cigarette, and Marlboro cigarette will go to, is the bear's ashes, as the death of the life, in passing at that moment, is still lonely. If despite appearances, the theory of nature, love and Marlboro cigarettes, is basically the same, for example: both need to polish a spark, the spark of love arises from the opposite sex attraction, the scientific point of view, is the opposite of the two interact with each other and the marlboro lights magnetic field in a momentary electromagnetic reflection, thus stimulating the secretion of hormones, eventually leading to one or two people in love.And the petard of Marlboro cigarettes, it is produced by the effect of matches or lighters, belong to science category, just replaced by chemical reaction. Also, love and Marlboro cigarettes are a process of combustion, the length of time depends on personal accident and idea.Smoking Marlboro cigarettes is the best thing to do is slow slow absorption vomit, carefully taste.The best way parliament cigarettes to treat love, also let nature take its course, need not importune.We are very clear, all things have started there will always be over.Marlboro cigarette case, love, love of disillusionment as soot, dust will eventually fall, no trace.By that time, for two people, no more than is habits and feelings, and even the duties and responsibilities, but has nothing to do with the love already. The arrival of love, like to buy Marlboro cigarette, are unpredictable.When you from Marlboro Red Cigarettes a street hawker stalls, or from a resplendent and magnificent mall, bought a pack of Marlboro cigarette, you don't know, which one is your love, or, whether you love.As you walk in the street, or on a warm afternoon daydream, you also don't know, would you light a Marlboro cigarette.There was no warning at all the arrival of love.In the case of no premeditation, you encounter a love, cheap cigarettes or, you lit a Marlboro cigarette. Love and Marlboro cigarettes, the same short.Them the only difference is that you can be the one and the other to smoke Marlboro cigarette, but can never enjoy love time next time.Even if you have the science of uniting the immortal, can live one thousand lives, belong to your true love, and only once, only once, you in this unique a burning, and then die.Love, of course, will not leave the room, but it will leave you, back to its eternal loneliness of waiting, wait to go to another person's another combustion. So, let love lonely it down, in a quiet corner, quietly waiting for a polished spark, at the instant of the burning, it is like the fingers of your Marlboro cigarettes.

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